This year so far…. (A Viewer’s appreciation post)


Merry Christmas everyone. I hope y’all are having the best of the time in 2020! So, today is my last post for this year and I wanted it to be for you guys. I want to thank you all so much for supporting the blog since the beginning (in June). I don’t know how my page would do if y’all weren’t there. I really appreciate the support y’all have given to the page. Thank you all so much for liking and commenting your thoughts on the posts. You guys made this possible and for that I thank y’all from the bottom of my heart again.

So, today I have one interesting thing to share with y’all. I have recently been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by arguably two of my favorite bloggers out there. Thank you Sara, Ricatography and Keith for nominating me for the award. Do Check out their links by clicking on their name.

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