Q&A blog post (1 year celebration!)

Hello to my lovely readers here! I hope everyone is doing well in this pandemic. Today The Antique Economist turns 1-year-old! Exactly 1 year ago I had decided to restart my blog after the previous one got taken down. I am happy to see the ever-growing support on this page. So today I have decided to do a Q&A blog. I had asked some of my Twitter friends to send me some questions to be answered, and here it is: –

1. Yash asks, “How experimental has your blogging journey been so far?

A. To be honest, I haven’t done much experiments on my blog. I have always focused on quality of the post. In fact, I bank on the quality of my post to gain support. Also, blogging is a hobby for me. So, right now I have no intentions to earn from it. All I focus is on the quality of the post and improving on it.

2. Dhruv asks, “Why did you start blogging and do you see it as something to do in the long term?”

A. Blogging came to my life as a college assignment. In my university, we had an assignment where we had to create blogs and post something there. After the assignment got over, I got addicted to blogging because of my love for research. I started The Antique Economist as a means to apply my knowledge on Economics but in a way where it is easy for the people to understand. And yes I do see myself working on blogs in the long term.

3. Charlotte asks, “What made you start your blog?”

A. I started The Antique Economist as a means to apply my knowledge on Economics but in a way where it is easy for the people to understand. Also, as an economist, I got annoyed whenever people say printing more money is a good solution!

4. Ekta asks, “Since it is one year now, do you think starting a blog was a mistake? Just curious to know! BTW congrats on your blog’s 1-year anniversary.”

A. Thank you so much and no starting a blog for me was never a mistake.

5. J asks, “What music do you listen to when you are blogging? Do you have a blogging/ writing playlist?”

A. I will be honest; I don’t listen to music while writing. Usually when I write have my headphones plugged in but I don’t play anything. It sounds weird but I do this so that my writing flow doesn’t break. Other than that, I usually listen to Rock songs, my favorite being Deutschland by Rammstein and Take me back to night we met by Lord Huron. 

6. Sanjeeb asks, “Have you ever had any obstacles? If yes, like what?

A. I had some issues in my previous blog. In fact, my previous blog had to be taken down because of it and I had to start it all over again! But, with my current blog, I didn’t experience much issues. Till now it has been a smooth ride!

7. Biren asks, “What do you don’t like about blogging and doing it because a blog demands it?”

A. Well as of now I don’t have anything as such! But I would say that I get super annoyed when I don’t have ideas to work on!

8. Puja asks, “What inspires you to keep going?”

A. I will be honest, blogging has been one of the things which has helped me to survive the pandemic. Also, the love and support that you guys show on the page helps me too! After I started the Economics Behind Series, I got immense support from the readers!

9. Fayne asks, “What inspired to start a blog?”

A. Like I said earlier, blogging came into my life as a college assignment and since then I have been addicted to know more on it! Also, being an Economics student, my aim behind starting the blog was to explain people about the subject but in a manner by which they can understand well.

10. Shayla asks, “What do you like least about blogging?

A. Like I said earlier, as of now I don’t have anything as such! But I would say that I get super annoyed when I don’t have post ideas!

11. Diana asks, “What is the favorite part of blogging and why?”

A. My favorite part about blogging is to connect with fellow bloggers and share ideas. Networking is one of the most important aspects of blogging. As for why, well I like meeting new people! I am working towards starting an Instagram account for the blog. I also have a clubhouse account if anybody would want to join in!

12. Anissa asks, “How would you describe your blogging journey?”

A. My blogging journey so far has been smooth. I have met a lot of new people over twitter. At the same time a have lost many as well. Overall, it has been smooth till now!

13. Ali asks, “Any traffic or revenue targets for your 2nd year?”

A. I haven’t thought of any ideas about the revenue. But I do have a target for the 2nd year. I am aiming to reach at least 7500 all-time views on the page and maybe 600 followers. Currently I am close to 450, so if you are new here do follow!

14. Esther asks, “What platform has been the most useful and least useful for interacting and connecting with fellow bloggers?” 

A. For me the most useful has been Twitter. I have found a lot of people on twitter who are similar to blogging. And least useful would be Instagram because I don’t have a separate account for my blog there. Although I am planning to open an Instagram account for the page.

15. Rabin asks, “What are your future plans for the blog?”

A. I do have an aim to reach 7500 all-time views. For the 2nd year I would also like to connect with more people, maybe start an Instagram page for the blog. I also hope to reach 500 followers on the page by end of 2021. I also plan to do some collaborations and guest posts too and maybe be a guest in a podcast episode too.

Well that was it from my side. Do check out the lovely people who have asked me the questions. You can click on their names. Do support their works too! I just want to thank you all so much for the constant support throughout the time.

I appreciate all the likes and comments on my blog posts. I hope my small blog page grows better than year 1. Also for the 2nd year I am planning to start a book series, where I will talk on several books which I found interesting and are worth reading for everyone. I have also started a Clubhouse account, do follow me there! Once again thank you all so much for reading the post. Do drop a like and subscribe to the page if you are new here!

27 thoughts on “Q&A blog post (1 year celebration!)

  1. #5 is so funny ahaha.. that’s weird but in a good and funny way. That’s really a thing when you’re on that hustling momentum. As for me, I may or may not listen to music while doing something. Depends on my mood 😀 but belated happy blogsary to you Arpan. Looking forward for your future hustles :))

    beyond beneath

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  2. I am so happy to hear that blogging helped you through the pandemic, its been such a weird time that I think we all needed something to focus our minds on! It’s been great reading more about you as I have just found your blog and love it – cant wait to read more xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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