How are we going to travel after the pandemic?

Let’s be honest, most of us reading this had travel plans during this summer, be it domestic or international. With the ongoing pandemic, all of our travel plans have now, been cancelled! People have been under lockdown for the past 4-5 months. I am a frequent traveler and for me to be locked into my home and not flying is dreadful. For months, we have been witnessing news about it in various forums like TV news and radios. Social Media has been flooded with statistics regarding the number of death tolls. Somewhere in our brains, this does cause some psychological problems.

The tourism industry is huge. Every year, international trips cost around $1.6 trillion. To put that into perspective, the amount is larger than the whole of Spain’s GDP, or at least this was the case before the pandemic. There are a lot of countries which solely depend on the tourism industry as the major source for their income. But, due to the pandemic many have lost their means of income. In April 2020, only 31 million passengers traveled all across the globe. This sort of numbers were last seen in the early 1970’s. So, will this pandemic take us back in time?

London’s busiest airport, Heathrow alone saw only 200,000 people in the month of April. China on the other hand have seen a dip of only 20% in passenger level. Comparing this, USA has suffered up to 55%, and most of the Europe has suffered to 80% loss in passenger travel during the first 6 months of 2020.

There is this one question which still remains in our mind. When will travelling recover? Well, nobody knows when will travelling recover. But, it is safe to say that travelling is going to be more tedious than before. Immigration and Security checks in an airport will take much longer than usual. The current situation of adoption of social distancing will make it socially unacceptable for people to travel with cold or any form of symptoms. Just imagine the looks on the people when anybody would sneeze in the airport or in an aircraft.

Most of us know that in an air journey, any liquid above 100 ml gets confiscated at the security check. Well I think when we start flying again, we might just be able to carry more than 100 ml liquids, especially in the long haul flights. Obviously, people are going to be more cautious about flying. More and more people are going to be using face masks and hand sanitizers.

You see, the causes of the pandemic are numerous. Strict lockdown measures, health care systems, weather, “luck”, all of these factors are at work to prevent the spread. This would mean that some countries would open its skies and airports much before than others. This would make pricing of routes further difficult for the passengers and the airlines. And with lesser seats and higher price, there is going to be huge competition for a ticket. Just imagine the price for a window seat now!

What I believe now could happen is the rise in the domestic travelling. You see, with closure of airports and international routes, many travelers would be looking forward to book their holiday destinations within their country, possibly closer to their home towns. I believe within 18-20 months the domestic tourism will recover. As for the international tourism, only time can lead the way.

The Covid-19 Pandemic will dramatically affect the way we travel. But rather than driving economic growth, as the tourism industry did in the past, new restrictions could affect globalization! Inequality and unemployment could take new heights. Only with proper negotiations and patience, the world would see a better day.

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51 thoughts on “How are we going to travel after the pandemic?

  1. Entire tourism industry will affect most irrespective on national or international. Even domestic transportation will get affected, and it will take minimum 2 years to resume provided that the government should release vaccine before the end of December else it will take some more time to recover tourism and transportation.

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  2. Entire tourism industry will affect most irrespective of national or international. Even domestic transportation will get affected, and it will take minimum 2 years to resume provided that the government should release vaccine before the end of December else it will take some more time to recover tourism and transportation.

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  3. This is a great read. I am desperate to get back into travelling but I will definitely be waiting until it’s all safe / a little closer to being back to normal.

    Roni |

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  4. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on traveling after the pandemic, since it’s something I think about all the time too. As you stated, I hope everyone will at least consider traveling domestically so that we can put more money into the travel and hospitality industries.

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  5. I hope things can get back to normal. I would love to travel after quarantine. Quarantine made me realize how much we take for granted and how our time is limited. Might as well travel instead of thinking what if.

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  6. I really hope we can travel again, especially next year. I am so soul crushed, depressed, and disappointed that we can’t go anywhere. I haven’t gotten to travel as much as I would’ve liked and I wanted to do so in the next few years but now I’m not even sure anymore.

    Hannah |

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    • I am sure situation will recover! But I also believe travelling will no longer be the se again! 🤔

      Do subscribe to my page! And if possible do check out my other posts as well! 🙏👌


  7. I was supposed to have a domestic travel back in April but I decided to cancel it and have it rescheduled hopefully next year. Tourism indeed is one of the industries that is hardest hit by the pandemic.

    Queenie |

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  8. Yes, air travel is going to be more tedious in the short term without a doubt. Personally, I can’t wait to travel overseas again, but I’m not sure how easy that is going to be this year. As an expat living in Malaysia, I’m free to leave the country if I wish, but I won’t be permitted to come back at the moment as the borders are closed. Looking forward to the world being a safer place and borders re-opening.

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    • Definitely, in short run! Travelling is goind to be very tedious! But I hope in the long term the situation becomes better!! 👍


  9. great post! i had planned my first ever trip out of country for september and I’m sure it isn’t happening anymore, but you are right – when things get back to “normal” it will be time to look more into travelling within your own country

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  10. Sad times for the travel industry. I fear may airlines, cruise lines, hotels will not survive this. Less choice and higher prices will be the result. And, I expect business travel will be banned for quite a while.

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  11. I really hope travel can get going again soon, but I agree that domestic travel will become much more popular. It’s actually quite nice, because people will take the time to explore the places more local to them that they often overlooked

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  12. A really good read. We’re actually on holiday at the moment, but still within the UK and after a long drive! It’s just nice to have a change of scene.
    I’m looking forward to flying again, but won’t do it for a while yet as it makes me fairly nervous considering the state of things with the pandemic. Patience is needed, I think.

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  14. Too relevant! Absolutely. This pandemic crisis is putting all of us into so much of problems and definitely we are restricted from exploring things that we’ve been doing earlier. I am a traveller as well. I love travelling. I just miss travelling a lot. In addition, it is really exhausting to just be at home repeating the same norm as usual and getting to know the fact that you’re under lockdown. This was a good read. Worth the time ✌🏻 Good job Arpan. Keep coming up with great issues. Will be looking forward for your future uploads soon!

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