Who am I?

Hello fellow reader, I am Arpan from the city of joy, Kolkata. This is my first blog and today I will be introducing myself. I am an economics enthusiast who loves mixing various theorems with ongoing economic activities around the world. I am an avid reader and I love travelling!

To me, what matters the most is my family. My parents are my closest people. Even if I am two decades old, my favorite hangout partners are none other than my parents. I would definitely say that my parents are the cause for my conduct in front of people. The simple way to describe them is that both of them are emphatic and understanding. This has helped us as a family a lot to be together even if the situations around us were not good. Both of them are huge role model for me and have developed me in a different manner. My mother has always taught me to be emphatic and philanthropic to others while my father has always taught me the phrase, Never say die.”

The friendly yet restrictive nature of both of them has helped me to be in a good situation, both mentally and psychologically. I see people at my age or even younger than me getting addicted to alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. We all know too much of it is not good for the body but too less of it doesn’t satisfies a human desire. Thanks to my parents, I have stayed out of it till now.

My hobbies are quite different. Most of us like modern music. But, I am fond of old songs. I listen to Hindi or Bengali songs. I love listening to Kishore Kumar. Specially, during a cold winter night, with cool breeze and a cup of tea, I would be running through his songs. This is one of the best ways for relaxation for me.

I really like travelling and more specifically air travel. During these 20 years, I have stayed in many places around the world. So, I have traveled quite a lot. Although, being a Bengali, I haven’t stayed much in Kolkata. For most of my early childhood, I have stayed in Udaipur and Bhilwara. These places are quite far from Kolkata. I have stayed in Kolkata for several years. I have also stayed in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya till 2016. But for my higher-secondary, I had to come back to Kolkata. In 2018, I got an opportunity to study in Netherlands. But, due to a major health problem, I had to come back to India. But then again I have started again in Bangalore, which is quite far away from my home town.

I also like reading and listening to only detective and suspense stories. My favorite writer would be definitely Sharadindhu Bandhyopadhyay. He is a famous Bengali writer and the author of detective stories around the fictional character of truth seeker, Byomkesh Bakshi. I also love the works of Satyajit Ray and Nihar Ranjan Gupta. I am not an avid reader but I use quite some of my spare time to indulge into these stories. In Kolkata, I love to hear a radio show called Sunday Suspense, which talks about suspense stories.

Lastly, I am very interested in football. Although, due to my physical state, I don’t get to play much but I always keep up with the football news and matches. I am very interested in tactical management and playing styles of a team. My personal favorite is Bayern München. I have been a consistent fan of it since my childhood. I am also a huge fan of German National Team. My favorite player would be Phillip Lahm.

That’s all about me for now! Subscribe to the page for some amazing posts.

16 thoughts on “Who am I?

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  2. What a great intro. I really like imagining you sipping tea while listening to Kishore Kumar. I don’t listen to many Indian songs, because almost all of them are romantic, and I really try to stay at the other side of romance.

    You’re love of football is just like my love for cricket. We might not play these sports. But we do follow them.

    And finally, I’m happy to find an Indian blogger.

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